We, You, Me
Stand Still (Dionysus)

Ainoa Burgos Gonzalez born in Segovia, Spain and is based in Brighton. Her artistic practice is multidisciplinary, encompassing sculpture, installation, performance and photography, to investigate the body and its engagement in space. Sculpture and installation works examine the physical body, the connection between people and the trace the body leaves on surfaces and places.

For We, You, Me Art Exhibition Ainoa will be presenting Stand Still (Dionysus and Euphrasia) Made of Sellotape, plaster and battery powered lamps.

These two interconnected sculptures are an artistic response to the recent “lock down” experience.

During this period of time, we found ourselves isolated and grounded to a particular place, unable to visit our friends and family. This extraordinary time has made me feel enclosed not just physically but also emotionally. This has been a general feeling within the population, not just in the UK but in other countries as well.

Dionysus symbolises our desire to reach others and Euphrasia the impossibility of reaching others while the plaster symbolises the implausibility of movement.

“We, You, Me” Artists Open Houses exhibition, in new Hannington’s Lane Development. Featuring four Fine Art: Sculpture students at University of Brighton.